…for beautiful hand writing.  

Dillen & Ari is the studio of Dee Batista, an artist specializing in hand lettering and design — with an emphasis on licensing for commercial applications on consumer products in the gift, stationery, and homeware industries.  

Dee combines her talents as a hand letterer and designer to create clean, playful and bright designs that can be applied to a variety surfaces in different categories. She runs her Miami-based studio in lettering and custom typography, working with licensing agencies on surface and print designs.

Dee’s product designs can be seen mainly on homeware, gift, and stationery goods such as greeting cards, journals, agendas, notebooks, notepads, passport holders, desk/home decor, tote bags, mugs, tumblers and more – most of which have been sold at local stores as well as department stores such as Walmart and TJ Maxx. Dee has also created special promotional and advertising pieces for A+E Networks.

If you want to discuss custom lettering projects, design licensing,books, lectures or send us stuff here’s our contact information: